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Our prime task for our jurisdictions in a disaster will be debris collection and removal from the public right-of-ways and other public property. RAKS Global will begin mobilizing personnel, materials, and equipment to or near the geographic area in a coordinated effort with the jurisdiction as soon as a disaster event is deemed imminent in order to respond within a timely manner.

The initial damage assessment typically determines the areas with the greatest needs. We prioritize our crew assignments around these needs. We will conduct strategic meetings with the jurisdiction and all collection crews prior to dispatch.


The jurisdiction is notified continually of all progress, and any special requests they may have are swiftly and appropriately addressed. Generally, all disaster generated debris on public property and public rights-of-way, including debris placed on rights-of-way by residents, is eligible for collection. Ultimately, however, the jurisdiction and/or FEMA will determine debris eligibility on the project. Given the typical diverse make-up of a debris stream, vegetative debris is segregated from non-eligible and eligible debris to the best extent possible at the loading site. Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris, mixed debris, and other non-hazardous debris is separated further at the disposal site.


RAKS Global has the experience and qualifications to perform the following debris removal monitoring services:

  • Debris hauling vehicle certification (volumetric)

  • Right-of-Way debris collection

  • Debris management site tower operations

  • Leaning tree, hanging limb, and hazardous stump removal

  • Private property debris removal

  • Right-of-Entry (ROE) administration

  • Waterways debris removal

  • Data management

  • Document management

  • Hazardous material removal

  • Vessel and vehicle recovery

  • Asbestos abatement

  • Multi-jurisdictional coordination/scheduling

  • Damage claim resolution

  • Disaster recovery monitoring

  • GIS reporting

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